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Protecting sharks | Protecting our oceans

Join us on our mission to rescue sharks from extinction.

Petition to end the sharkl trade in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Government: Legislate a ban on the sale and possession of shark fin in Hong Kong.
This one move would have an impact around the world, since Hong Kong is the leading trade hub for shark fin and other shark products. 

Think petitions don't work? Consider what happened because of the petition to Cathay Pacific. The petition and the effort from about 50 conservation groups that united with the same message nudged the world-leading airline to ban the transport of shark fin on their flights. Since then, there has been a domino effect, with more airlines also banning shark fin! Petitions work - as long as we sign them and keep spreading the word! 

A ban in Hong Kong would be the conservation win of the decade! 

Click here to sign our petition!



  Project Rescue

Let's rescue sharks and look good while doing it.
Enjoy our collection of stylish items that make a difference - spreading the word about protecting sharks and our oceans. We're adding signature pieces from top designers and conservation groups, so browse our site, get an item and let's protect ocean health!

To learn about our guidelines and on how you can add your item to our catalog, please contact us..


Atayne apparel

Shirt Animation - click to view our shirt options!

It's performance with a point of view - order yours now!

Shark Rescue and Atayne have partnered to deliver you truly amazing fashion with teeth!
Atayne makes performance outdoor clothing and sports apparel that is safe for people and the planet. They do it by creating 
products are made from 100% recycled polyester - all their apparel is 100% recycled plastic! Also, you get a clothing where all the materials are certified to be free of harmful chemicals.  

If you  love to run, bike, hike, or just be active, our shirts provide the perfect apparel to play hard, tread lightly, and express a positive point of view.

Click here to order yours now!

Here's January Jones wearing one of our shirts - amazing!


Shark Rescue Sticker

It's bold, it's big and it's beautiful - order yours now!

Let's tell the world to rescue sharks with this quality bumper sticker that will outlast heavy rain, intense sunlight, and the worst traffic jams. The sticker is an eye-popping 6" x 5" – large enough to make an impact wherever you are.Made from durable vinyl with a strong adhesive back, it's printed with water-resistant ink that won’t fade or run.

Scooter - Shark Rescue bumper sticker          Mini bus - Shark Rescue bumper sticker

Click here to order! 


Silver adjustable ring from Dive4Jewelry

This beautifully crafted sterling silver shark is a beautiful replica of one of nature's most amazing sea creatures and will surely draw attention to your love of the sea. This ring is fully adjustable to fit you perfectly.  Metal type: Solid 925 Sterling silver with an anti-tarnish rhodium finish

Click here to order the ring from Dive4Jewelry now!


T-shirt from Hong Kong Shark Foundation

This eye-popping T-shirt from the Hong Kong Shark Foundation reminds us to just say no to shark fin soup, using a shark-friendly word cloud. The soft-cotton T is also available in a men's cut. 

Click here to order the women's T!
Click here to order the men's!


Ice Queen from Love My Pearls

So much better than a shark-tooth necklace, this beautiful collection of flickering white pearl icicles from Love My Pearls will make a stunning addition to your low cut top or dress. Enjoy some guilt-free freshwater cultured pearls, each one uniquely shaped and selected with good to excellent luster.

Don't forget to enter SHARKRESCUE10 in ALL CAPS to enjoy a 10% discount on your pearls - click here to order your pearls now!


Man & Shark

So our first item isn't really something you wear - unless you want to use it as a hat. But this great book from our friends Paul Hilton and Alex Hofford explores the barbaric practice of shark finning in developing nations, so that consumers in Hong Kong and China can eat shark fin soup at their weddings, company banquets and other celebrations.

Click here to find out more and order a copy.


About Shark Rescue

Shark Rescue is an initiative from Sigei Media and we are based in Hong Kong. Launched in August 2009, our mission is to protect sharks and the oceans from unsustainable human activity. We're working toward a ban on the shark trade because this fishery has already decimated shark populations around the world and damaged the balance of marine habitats.

For more information, to organize an interview, or to just give us a pat on the back, please contact us today.